Pioneer Community Kindergarten is community funded and a not-for-profit organisation. This means the Kindergarten is mainly run by parents who volunteer for the Management Committee.

The Kindergarten receives some Government funding through Lady Gowrie which covers around 80% of the teacher’s wages. All other expenses including wages, land rates, building maintenance and provision of equipment for the children is funded through the Kindergarten’s own funds.

Term Fees            

Term fees for 2020 are:                             

  • $34 per day (per child)
  • $30 per term Building & Improvement Levy (per family)
  • $30 Printing Levy (one-off charge in Term 1)
  • $25 per term Excursion Levy
  • $10 Face washer (one-off charge in Term 1)

Term Fees are to be paid by the due date which is Week One of each term (except for Term One where they are due in Week Three). It is important to remember that as a not-for-profit organisation the Kindergarten relies heavily on the prompt payment of fees to ensure running costs can be effectively maintained.

Improvement Levy

Each family pays a Improvement Levy which is also supplemented by additional fundraising throughout the year. Participating in additional fundraising is not compulsory however the benefits of additional funds increase the opportunities available to your child.


The Grant Officer on the Management Committee seeks opportunities to apply for various private and Government funded grants. If the Kindergarten is successful in obtaining monies through the grants programs, these funds are put straight back into facilities upgrades or equipment purchases for the Kindergarten.

Kindergarten funds are raised through term fees, fundraising and grants. Occasionally there will be other expenses including excursions, visits by performers and Book Club. Participation in these activities is voluntary.

Pioneer Community Kindergarten – Fee’s Letter PDF: Kindergarten Fees (2020)