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Parental Involvement

There are many ways parents can support the Kindergarten.

  • Management committee – Taking up a position on the Management Committee is a wonderful way to participate actively in your child’s kindergarten experience.
  • Parent visits – Parents are invited to come along and join in a kindergarten day. A calendar is placed in the waiting area and parents are asked to nominate a day that suits them. You can simply come and join in the activities, or if you have a special skill, you are welcome to lead a learning activity with the group.
  • Attend events – Many of our performances and events are open to parents and siblings. The children love to see their family join them in their kindergarten experiences.
  • Laundry roster – Parents are asked to participate in a laundry roster. Once or twice a year you will take home the group’s laundry including the tablecloths and tea towels etc and you will wash them and bring them back the following week.
  • Cleaning roster – At the end of each term parents are asked to assist with the general cleaning of their child’s unit. The Cleaning Roster Officer creates a roster and posts it in the waiting area leading up to the end of term for all parents to see what area they have been assigned. Committee members are excluded from the Cleaning Roster.
  • Volunteer – From time to time, parents are asked to volunteer themselves to fix a toy that is broken or put contact film on new library books. If you have spare time, please assist when small jobs need doing. There will also be opportunities to help out at fundraising events and also at working bees.
  • Keep up-to-date – The Kindergarten communicates with parents in many ways. Each morning the noticeboard in the waiting area is updated with the most pressing information. Each child also has a pocket which should be checked daily for newsletters, notes, artwork, accounts and receipts. Parents are also encouraged to request an interview with the teacher to discuss any concerns.

The most important thing to remember is that the more you participate the more positive the kindergarten journey for both you and your child. We value a partnership approach.